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La Crosse Lumber Co. carries Therma True Doors and Larson Doors that can help you show your style to all your visitors. 

Therma Tru Door

The first thing someone sees when they come to your home is the front door. Because a home starts with the door, Therma Tru has designed front doors with Style, Quality, Security.

Therma Tru Door Red


Therma Tru Doors at La Crosse Lumber Co. can help you show off your style as the front of your house is the biggest style statement your home can make. Everything from texture to finsh, to the color of your front door matters when putting together your perfect house. 

Our team can help you pick out the right front door for your house from La Crosse Lumber Co. We want to help you boost your curb appeal and the perceived value of your home. Visit our stores in Missouri or Illinois to find the best Therma Tru Door for you.


La Crosse Lumber Co. believes in offering the best quality products to customers which is why we offer Therma Tru Doors at our locations. These durable, high quality doors are engineered and testing to live up to the toughest expectations.

You have kids, pets and neighbors coming through your door all day long, so making sure your door is reliable and durable is important. When choosing the right door, choose Therma Tru Doors from La Crosse Lumber Co. 

Therma Tru Door Quality

Therma Tru Door Security


There is nothing more important than keeping you and your family safe. Therma Tru Doors take care of keeping your security and privacy so you don't have to think twice about it. The doors are built extremely strong and stable with sturdy supports on both sides of the door. You can even choose to raise the glass up to the top of the door to make sure no one can see in.

La Crosse Lumber Co. has the front doors to help give you the piece of mind of safety. Our helpful staff can get you set up with a Therma Tru Door today. 

Larson Storm Doors

When you want to open the house up to get a view or let some extra breeze through the house, Larson storm doors are the perfect choice.



Larson built the fist fullview strom door with hidden closer and patent pending Click&Hold technology. These built-in storm doors are professional grade and have been testing and proven to perform in any climate. They are easy to install and hang easy. With over 65 years of experience building the best storm doors on the market, there is no reason to buy any other storm door. La Crosse Lumber Co. is your Larson storm door destination in Missouri and Illinois.

Larson Style


The great thing about picking the perfect storm door is that it can function well and look exactly like you want it to. Larson storm doors offer you a variety of choices of window, screen, colors, and hardware styles to pick from. If you are going for a flat, elegant, or partial view, we can help you get what is right for your door. Stop into any of our convenient locations to see the La Crosse Lumber Co. storm door options. 

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